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How to hang the Speer Hammock

Setting Up A Speer Hammock
·   Select sturdy supports, such as trees, rocks, etc
·   Trees should be at least 4" in diameter
·   Select support spacing of 12-16'; generally 4-6 paces between trees
·   Avoid tree damage by using flat webbing instead of round ropes
·   Avoid tree damage by using overlapping 4-wrap knots
·   If forced to tie a knot in a hanging strap, insert a stick or a large loop of the free end of the strap into the knot to facilitate untying it later
·   Loosen the bug net support line before pitching the hammock
·   Position 2-4' of hanging strap on each end of hammock
·   Attach hanging straps at same height above ground for level hammock
·   Set up on sloping ground often requires tree knots at different heights above the ground in order for hammock to be level
·   Before occupying hammock, step back and visibly judge if it is level; readjust setup if necessary
·   Shorten one hanging strap or raise/lower one hanging strap tree knot to adjust pitch of hammock
·   Leave some sag in unoccupied hammock; do not stretch tight
·   Adjust comfort by readjusting setup if necessary
·   Adjust interior space below bug net by readjusting the support line after the hammock is occupied
·   To make camp in rain, set up tarp first
·   To break camp in rain, take down tarp last
·   Use socks or bandanas tied to the straps to stop rain from seeping along hanging straps and reaching hammock
·   For lounge chair, hang bug net and bug net support line out of the way over the back side of the hammock
·   Remove bug net and bug net support line to save weight in winter
·   When bugs are not a problem, remove bug net for enhanced harmony with nature and better star views
·   Stow personal items like eyeglasses, wrist watches, flashlights, bandanas, etc. by hanging them from the bug net support line inside the hammock
·   Stow larger items like water bottle, shoes/boots, book/map, jacket, etc. within reach on ground beneath hammock
·   Hang backpack from hammock strap so it is beneath the rain canopy and does not touch the ground
·   When in porcupine country, hang shoes or boots from hammock straps; leave nothing on the ground
·   Hang wet or soiled clothing from hammock straps or tarp guylines
·   Use 4-wrap knots for hammock and tarp as described in Chapter 1 to ensure tarp is centered over hammock
·   In high wind or stormy conditions, make sure all lines are tied tight.