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How to hang the Switchback & LightHiker Hammocks

NOTE: The following instructions are for hanging all the Switchback & LightHiker models using our recommended suspension/strap assemblies.

Step 1.  Select & Scout

Start off by finding two trees 12' to 18' apart, 15' being ideal. Ensure that BOTH trees are live and have NO widowmakers (dead, loose or hung up branches/limbs) in them or the trees nearby.

Step 2.  Tree Straps

Wrap one of the tree staps around one of the trees you have chosen at about 6' off the ground. Put one end through the sewn loop on the other end. Align the cinch point with the other tree. Repeat for the other tree, ensuring that it is level with the other strap. Note: You can also use "Dutch Clips" or a climbing rated carabiner to clip the strap back onto itself, instead of feeding it through the loop.

Step 3. Hang the Hammock

Take the loose end of the strap and run it UP through the center of the rings, over the top ring and behind the lower ring, pulling the loose end back towards the tree. Ensure the strap runs straight through the rings opposite the point where the strap assy holds the rings, Repeat on the other end and adjust as necessary for a centered & level hang. For additional security: Run the loose end of the strap back through the top of the rings and tie it (half hitch) to the supporting section of the strap next to the rings. Repeat for the other end. Ideal hammock height is 12" to 18" off the ground when occupied making it a most comfortable camp chair.


Step 4. Net Suspension (N/A on "No Net" models)

Run the net suspension shock cord around the tree just above the tree strap and clip it back onto itself. Repeat on the other end.

Step 5. Tie-Outs

We include two shock cord side tie-outs attached to D rings that accentuate the diagonal lay (head left, feet right). There are two additional D rings for tie-outs (not incl.) to completley open up the hammock. The four tie out D rings are positioned to keep the PolarPod perfectly positioned on the hammock. The tie-out D rings can also be used to attach/position many after market under quilts

If you are using a tarp, simply place the adjustable loop on the tie-outs over the appropriate tarp stakes and adjust to lighly pull the hammock fabric. If you are not using a tarp, pull the tie outs about 12" from the "relaxed" position and stake out.