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How to install the Speer PolarPod


Installing the PolarPod is as easy as tying your shoes! 

Switchback installation

Note: Hammock should have the bug net fully un-zipped on both sides & tied up and the side tie outs un-hooked from the D rings

Step 1. Wrap the end of the PolarPod (PP) around one end of the hammock and attach the first 6" or so of the hook & loop, gathering the net into a tight bunch and closing the hook & loop around the gathered net and continue a few inches towards the center of the PP.

Step 2. Cinch down the draw cord all the way with the cord locks and tie the draw cord, just like you tie your shoes (overhand knot followed by a bow), ensuring the PP is covering the end of the hammock.

Steps 3 & 4. Repeat on the other end ensuring the PP doesn't hit the ground.

Step 5. Put the four side tie-out D rings through the corresponding openings in the PP. If using, clip the tie-outs to the D rings (optional). It's hung! Now check the fit.

Step 6. Get in the hammock and place your hand between the hammock & PP under your butt. The PP should be lightly snug (never tight). If the gap is too big you can adjust by untying the bow on one end and tying it off to your suspension, drawing it up a little. Re-check the fit and adjust as required. If the PP is too tight (this should not occur due to the design), untie one end and loosen the cord locks a little, allowing the PP to slide over and expose a few inches of the end of the hammock. Re-cinch and tie the draw cord around the base of the suspension at the end of the hammock. Re-check the fit and adjust as required.

Adjusting the down: Once you have the PP where you want it, it is advisable to check the down distribution as the down will tend to migrate towards the ends when stuffing into the stuff sack. Simply place one hand inside & one outside the PP at one end and scoot most of the down towards the center for the first 12" to 18" or so, working your way around the end of the PP. Repeat on the other end.

Note: To make installation easier, always stuff the PP into the stuff sack starting at one end & ending at the other, making sure the draw cords are at the top & bottom of the bag.