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Site selection

For site selection, we highly advocate using LNT principles (Leave No Trace @ lnt.org). If there are saplings, branches, underbrush etc. in the way, pick another site that requires no modification.Other considerations are widow makers, wind direction, trails & game trails, rivers & streams and roads.

Widow Makers are a campers worst nightmare. They consist of dead trees, dead branches or limbs hung up in the branches above. Also look for green branches that have recently broke loose from wind, lightning or ice storms. These can be tricky to spot because they blend in better than branches that have been hung up awhile.

Wind direction is often over-looked as a consideration when selecting a site. Keep in mind that your tarp and hammock WILL catch wind like a parachute if not situated & pitched properly.  Hanging your hammock on a ridge line, the top of a bluff, or a mountaintop with trees is real tempting, but keep in mind that these areas are prone to very high winds. Picking a site on the leeward side of a ridge, knoll, hill, etc. will keep the high winds at bay, providing you with a peaceful nights sleep.

Avoid hanging your hammock on or near hiking trails & game trails. Be considerate of your fellow hiker and camp at least 200' from established trails. Also, be considerate of the wildlife and avoid game trails and camp at least 200' from streams, rivers & lakes. Camping near roads is also not advisable. Drivers can be distracted by headlamps & campfires and who wants to listen to road noise all night?